Rhode Island's full service marine electronics specialist

Bayside is committed to you and your project. Delivering the best products and customer service professionally and on schedule is what we do. Bayside is there when you need us providing the recreational boater a safer, smarter and more enjoyable experience on the water.

Marine Electronics Full Time – 100% of the time

Bayside is an expert in marine electronics because we concentrate on that field.Our mobile installation vans are fully equipped and commercially insured to perform work in any boat yard or boat builder's shop in southern New England. Sam Stiness is the company’s principal and handles all customer support so you deal directly with the person most responsible for your satisfaction.

Customer Service and Warranty

Bayside partners with the best and stands behind every product and installation. Post ale follow-up often includes: Find-tuning (calibration), software updates and further product orientations. Our relationships with manufacturers give us quick and priority access to technical support in the event of a problem. Buying products and services from one source ensures there is never an issue of who is responsible for a warranty claim.

Factory Installations

Bayside works closely with local boat builders and saves you money. Many of our projects are started on the factory floor before a new boat has its deck installed. Clear access to areas where wire will be run can save a lot of time and cost. Being able to access a boat at the factory also means that
inclement weather can't slow down a project. Bayside regularly works with JBoats, Pearson Composites and Shannon Yachts.

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New products

iPhone app for KVH

E-Series - hybridTouch

Flir night vision

The process

1. The first step is easy and fun. Simply schedule a consultation with Sam. He will meet you at your office, his office, your home or onboard your boat. It typically takes one or two meetings to decide on the right equipment for your boat and your budget.

2. Next you will be presented with a proposal including an itemized list of materials, labor estimates and the associated costs. The proposal is modified as necessary, a deposit is made and the hardware ordered.

3. Locating the connections or interfaces is very important and is the key to a successful installation. We encourage you to have a layout in mind or, if possible, specific measurements. Even with a lot of preparation we find it very beneficial to meet onboard your boat with the equipment in hand to determine exact locations. Sometimes supplied measurements can be incorrect, sometimes we can run into depth issues and sometimes we just happen on a better solution.

4. Bayside professionally installs your electronics and keeps you updated on the progress.

Delivering your project

5. Bayside coordinates with the dealer, boat yard or owner to perform sea trials for testing and calibrating the new electronics.

6. Sam Stiness meets with you to provide a complete hands-on orientation while you are still docked to familiarize you with your new equipment.

7. Sam will accompany you on a sea trial to demonstrate and instruct you on how to use your new gear while underway.

8. Follow up: Bayside is committed to your total satisfaction. We encourage our clients to call us with any questions and are happy to visit your boat for a refresher on how to operate a piece of equipment. Bayside is available to upgrade software, fix a problem or perform warranty service.